Musical sensations approaches


Music on my mind. Music in my soul. Music is what makes me let go. I loose control. I need to move. I'll follow you forever groove. 

You and me we belong together. I feel it every time we meet. We are the same you and I. With you I am me. With you I am free. With you I am. With you I am Everything. 

Within euphoria we are one.

- by me - 

Pretty amazing, the powerful emotions one can feel for music. I definitely am one of those people. Musically emotional. 
When the music is good, it sets complete fire to my soul. And I love it! 

Music can be so many things, depending on which genre you listen to. It can be healing, inspirational, hurtful, comforting or angry, among many more. But what it all have equally in common, is that it all will make you feel something. 

Today I leave for foreign lands, to take part in the highest musical atmosphere. 

The rave.
In England.

Haha, I love being theatrical. But I also mean what I say. A rave has the best atmosphere for the lovers of music and dance. Which is me. 
And the man who came up with this particular rave, has taken the whole rave-experience to the next level. 

I am totally ready for some hologram magic!

May this weekend be adventurous and magical.

Here is my favorite song produced by Eric Prydz, the man who created Epic:

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I can't fit into the shoebox..

Once again it has been too long. Once again I feel limited compared to all that is expected of us by society. Why does it have to be so damn hard to fit in to the A4 square the human world build it self upon? I don't feel comfortable as a perfect shaped brick.. 

I cant be molded that way.
I'm too vivid. 
And I think that should be okay. 

I need waaay more space than a shoebox. Why cant I have a circle? A big bouncy circle, to be happily bouncing around in and for walking/rolling over the seas with. Now that would definitely make me feel more belonging! 

And why do all the sleep have to be at once? Can't I just be napping when I need it and get up when I'm awake? Why struggle the battle, of forcing all the sleep into that stupid shoebox? 
It always ends up with waking up in the night, ready for the tasks ahead, then when trying to get more sleep because you know you need it through out the day that approaches, you finally fall asleep, not too far from the alarm, suddenly its screaming at your face. What a lovely morning..

I don't like you shoebox..

I really, sincerely, beggingly hope that I can live my life, being my own boss. Then I will get out of bed in the middle of the night, and just work on my projects what ever they may be. Funny how its the night that brings with it the most magical inspiration. In my case anyhow. I wonder why? 

Now don't let my complaining ruin a lovely day. Just needed to let out some teapot steam. Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday everyone! Its the last day of the weekend, you must enjoy it. The sun is peaking out from the clouds, spring is officially here, all the trees are bursting their leaves and the colors outside are just.. Northern nature awakens, its quite something :) 

Another one of my favorite mixes from youtube, hope you enjoy it.
May love enter your hearts and peace be in your lives.


- Elisabeth - 

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the BIG dream!

Gosh,  time just flew by all of a sudden. 
When I started this blog I had all kinds of stuff planned to write about. But I have to admit that me going to school really has managed to keep me busy. Not the greatest start at this that I had hoped for. 

But one can only do the best that one can. 

I study to become a women's tailor, and in school I learn how to design clothes with the whole process that follows. I learn how to make the garments I have designed, which involve creating and shaping patterns and how to fit the clothing to a body. I learn which fabrics to use based on its functions and how to professionally present my garments in a tasteful way. 

I absolutely love what I do, and the big dream is to have a career where I sell my clothes and/or designs. Maybe purses and other crafts too. I have no need to be the richest person on earth, but if I can own my home while living a decent life and provide the necessities for my kid, I am happy. 

I'd rather be myself, my bohemian gypsy self, than any greedy rich person. 

Someone ones told me, that I could never get rich. Because I didn't have the right mindset. Only the greedy, the ones who have the unstoppable hunger for money will get to the top. It was a discussion about sweatshops and how unfair it is. If the only way of getting rich is to inhumanely exploit people,  I don't want to get rich. 

But I don't believe that is the case.

If I ever, out of luck start to make good money, say on a design, I will never go into the trap of mass produced ready to wear clothing. The workers of sweatshops need to be fairly paid and the working environment has to be healthy. Only if these demands were followed, would I agree to mass production. We should all do what we can to change the world for the better right? Like earth angels.

I'll see you soon. I won't be gone for too long this time.


- Elisabeth -

I love mornings like these.

Today I woke up to that feeling. That familiar feeling it has been too long since I've felt. I actually had forgotten all about it. 

It is a magical feeling, kind of hard for me to describe. It's like the whole world is at this moment happy and everything is going to be okay. There is no need for worries today.

When I got out of bed, I found one of my favorite music-mixes on youtube and clicked play. I have been dancing in comlete euphoria since, while trying to do some chores as well. I believe myself to be quite the sight today, haha!

Anyway, here's the mix. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

May peace and love be with you all.

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I really want to tell you guys about how stones and gems can affect our beings. 
They can strengthen us in physically, emotionally and spiritually ways. 
I absolutely adore them and deeply cherish the gifts that they bring. 

They really are true treasures of our world! 

It amazes me completely, knowing all the magic and wonder earth is creating for us. 

My adoration grows more and more as I learn of their impact on our health, abilitys and chakras. Being an earthbound soul, I have allways felt the powers of nature pretty strongly. Like when Im walking in the woods, I love touching the trees and feeling their energy. 

We all have birthstones, depending on which month we're born in. 
And when a stone is worne the same month as which it is assigned to, it is said that the healing powers are heightened. For full healing effect all year, own all the birthstones and use them in their assigned months. 

I plan on writing about all of them and hopefully owning each of them also.

The first stone I will be writing about is the gem Emerald, which is the birthstone of May. It is also one of the birthstones of June, which is my month of birth. 

I will not be writing about it in this post though, since I actually have bought myself one and I really want to wear it for a little while, so that I can write about my own experiences with it. Specially with the chance of heightened healing powers during May! Im so excited! 

But there will be other posts in the meantime. 


- Elisabeth - 


The first post.

Hello everyone!

In my very first post I'd like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my blog.

My name is Elisabeth and I live in a very cloudy part of Norway.

My soul is earthbound, making me spiritually connected to earth. My body is blessed with a heart of a phoenix, giving me strength to rise even when it feels like my world can/will or have fallen to ashes.

I have great belief in righteousness and cant stand to see people or animals be treated unfairly.

My lifestyle is pretty vegan except for the occasionally organic-egg breakfast. I believe in a world where people live aside with nature, respecting each other and the rest of the animals, respecting mother earth and stop taking her for granted.

Id like to explain the meaning of the name i picked for my blog. Deva, means "heavenly, divine, anything of excellence" and in various religions the name refers to heavenly beings, divine beings, gods, spiritual forces or beings behind nature. 

This blog will basically be about soul-searching, finding inner peace and making the world a better place. The Deva-life.


- Elisabeth -


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