I can't fit into the shoebox..

Once again it has been too long. Once again I feel limited compared to all that is expected of us by society. Why does it have to be so damn hard to fit in to the A4 square the human world build it self upon? I don't feel comfortable as a perfect shaped brick.. 

I cant be molded that way.
I'm too vivid. 
And I think that should be okay. 

I need waaay more space than a shoebox. Why cant I have a circle? A big bouncy circle, to be happily bouncing around in and for walking/rolling over the seas with. Now that would definitely make me feel more belonging! 

And why do all the sleep have to be at once? Can't I just be napping when I need it and get up when I'm awake? Why struggle the battle, of forcing all the sleep into that stupid shoebox? 
It always ends up with waking up in the night, ready for the tasks ahead, then when trying to get more sleep because you know you need it through out the day that approaches, you finally fall asleep, not too far from the alarm, suddenly its screaming at your face. What a lovely morning..

I don't like you shoebox..

I really, sincerely, beggingly hope that I can live my life, being my own boss. Then I will get out of bed in the middle of the night, and just work on my projects what ever they may be. Funny how its the night that brings with it the most magical inspiration. In my case anyhow. I wonder why? 

Now don't let my complaining ruin a lovely day. Just needed to let out some teapot steam. Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday everyone! Its the last day of the weekend, you must enjoy it. The sun is peaking out from the clouds, spring is officially here, all the trees are bursting their leaves and the colors outside are just.. Northern nature awakens, its quite something :) 

Another one of my favorite mixes from youtube, hope you enjoy it.
May love enter your hearts and peace be in your lives.


- Elisabeth - 

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