Musical sensations approaches


Music on my mind. Music in my soul. Music is what makes me let go. I loose control. I need to move. I'll follow you forever groove. 

You and me we belong together. I feel it every time we meet. We are the same you and I. With you I am me. With you I am free. With you I am. With you I am Everything. 

Within euphoria we are one.

- by me - 

Pretty amazing, the powerful emotions one can feel for music. I definitely am one of those people. Musically emotional. 
When the music is good, it sets complete fire to my soul. And I love it! 

Music can be so many things, depending on which genre you listen to. It can be healing, inspirational, hurtful, comforting or angry, among many more. But what it all have equally in common, is that it all will make you feel something. 

Today I leave for foreign lands, to take part in the highest musical atmosphere. 

The rave.
In England.

Haha, I love being theatrical. But I also mean what I say. A rave has the best atmosphere for the lovers of music and dance. Which is me. 
And the man who came up with this particular rave, has taken the whole rave-experience to the next level. 

I am totally ready for some hologram magic!

May this weekend be adventurous and magical.

Here is my favorite song produced by Eric Prydz, the man who created Epic:

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